[BP015] Session 4. [ep] (post rock)

by There.

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There. je kosmička instrumentalna petorka iz Niša. S obzirom na činjenicu da pesme nemaju tekstove svaki slušalac je slobodan da na svoj nacin dozivi pesme i da se uz pomoc dosegne spiritualne visine. Prvo izdanje benda "session 4" je strasna, Lavkraftovska pustolovina male devojčice koja se bori sa jednim od najvećih problema modernog doba. Na slušaocima je da uz pomoć muzike stvore slike događaja kroz koje je mala devojčica, Anastasija, prošla.

There. is a cosmic, instrumental, 5-member band from Niš, Serbia. Giving the fact that there are no lyrics in their music, each listener is free to experience the songs individually and reach spiritual ascension whist doing so. The band's first release "Session 4" is a passionate, Lovecraftian adventure of a little girl who is fighting one of the biggest problems of the modern age. It is up to the listeners to use this music in order to create imagery of the events through which the little girl, Anastasia, went through.

This is their debut ep.

If you would like a physical copy of the album send us an email to b.planet.records@gmail.com

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released September 28, 2013

Janko Džambas - Guitar
Pavle Dinić - Keys
Uros Kostić - Guitar
Marko Mitić - Bass
Luka Bašić - Drums

recorded live september 2013. by Čedomir Ilić
album production There.



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